The programs of the Teresa McGovern Center are dedicated to one basic proposition: that every life, facing whatever personal challenge, is capable of positive change. For over 20 years, our programs have proven effective for motivated clients of every age and background. Read what our clients think, in their own words.

From program patients (names withheld for privacy reasons)
The following excerpt is taken from a autobiographical eulogy written by a TMC program patient. It was written on the one-year anniversary o
f his sobriety, and describes the man that was—and the man is today.

“He finally was graced to overcome 10 years of chronic alcoholism. The first year was not easy. After treatment, he lived in a homeless shelter, rescue mission, friend’s floors, a hospital, back seat of a car, jail and a halfway house. He stayed sober through it all.

“…After being sober for 12 months, he took on the legal battle of restoring a father to his children. That will be a slow process, but each day he is being the best father he can…”

“People who knew him past and present said he was not the same person at all. They said if you believed in miracles, he was one….He had become honest, caring, giving, loving, honorable, dependable, empathetic, and down to earth.”

“…this is what you did for me….This is a disease of the mind, body and soul. You fixed the part that was broken for 10 years.”

Patient’s Name withheld,
September 20, 2001

Referring Organization: Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C.
Over the last few years, Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. has referred numerous clients who have substance abuse problems to the McGovern Center at Tellurian. Many of the clients have reported a positive experience from both inpatient and outpatient services that have been provided to them at Tellurian. Many of my clients have prospered as a result of their substance abuse treatment. Tellurian has also provided a great deal of assistance in helping my clients obtain more lenient sentences and, in some cases, outright dismissals of criminal charges that resulted from their substance abuse problems.

The staff at Tellurian has been helpful, cordial, understanding and has always acted in a professional manner. While a client is in treatment and after they complete treatment, the staff at the McGovern Center has provided me with letters attesting to the client’s completion of certain programs which assists me in obtaining mitigated sentences, dismissals and expungements of criminal records. The staff is always ready to help me at a moment’s notice. They genuinely care about the client and what is best for them. The McGovern Center is a wonderful local treatment facility for people with substance abuse problems and it provides those services at a reasonable cost. I would recommend Tellurian to anyone who is in need of substance abuse treatment.

Stephen J. Eisenberg
Madison, Wisconsin



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