Why choose a Teresa McGovern Center (TMC)?

The Teresa McGovern Center, part of the Tellurian Family of Services, has provided treatment services to more than 400 adults per year for more than 35 years. Specializing in Dual Diagnosis/ Co-occurring Disorders treatment services, the Teresa McGovern Center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation providing highly individualized multidisciplinary treatment regimens to those in need Nestled adjacently to the 100 acre Aldo Leopold Nature Center, the Teresa McGovern Center provides extremely cost affordable treatment, in a modern facility, where a highly trained and certified staff work closely with each client in “Making Recovery a Reality”

What is Treatment like at the Teresa McGovern Center?

Following initial assessment and evaluation by the Admissions Director and Clinical Staff, a highly individualized treatment plan is developed for each client. Combining individual as well as group counseling, the Teresa McGovern Center provides a place and opportunity for patients and families to “turn down the noise of the outside world” and focus on their own issues and needs. Residents are treated with dignity and respect as they are provided the opportunity to examine and explore their mental health, physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, spirituality and more. The Teresa McGovern Center utilizes a team of professionals representing several disciplines including medical and psychiatric professionals, addiction counselors, 12-step counselors, dieticians, and spiritual and fitness experts working collaboratively with every patient to help assure long term recovery and sobriety.

What is the First Step? An Assessment.

The process of treatment begins with a phone call by you, an affected family member, or loved one, requesting an assessment The staff of the Tellurian Family of Services does not automatically assume a diagnosis of alcoholism, addiction or other problems, without first conducting an assessment and evaluation by one of the center’s highly trained and licensed professionals. When you call, you will speak with an admissions counselor who will guide you through a brief, confidential telephone assessment, followed by an appointment with a counselor. Once the assessment is completed, and if treatment is recommended, the counselor will determine the most appropriate level of care, based on the individual needs of the patient.

What Comes Next... Detox?

Prolonged and extensive use of alcohol and /or drugs can lead to physical dependency and life threatening health problems. The Teresa McGovern Detoxification Center provides a safe and secure environment where patients are medically monitored and treated while detoxifying from substance abuse... minimizing withdrawal symptoms and any accompanying health issues. Staffed by highly trained, credentialed professionals, the Detoxification Center is the first step in the road to recovery from substance abuse and alcohol. While a patient at the Detoxification Center, patients are medically monitored by a Registered Nurse (RN) and supervised by a Board Certified Physician MD specializing in addictionology. In addition, Wisconsin state licensed counselors meet individually with each patient to assist in determining the level of recommended treatment and expedite entry into treatment.

What if a patient needs psychiatric help?

Many individuals in need of substance abuse treatment also suffer from mental health issues. The Teresa McGovern Center is one of the only facilities in the Upper Midwest specializing in dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. After obtaining permission from the family or client, Teresa McGovern Center counselors will review the mental health background and discuss the client’s needs with their mental health care provider. All of the Teresa McGovern Center’s programs work with people who have co-occurring mental health issues in addition to the diagnosis of addiction. Since the Teresa McGovern Center is not a locked psychiatric facility, if the mental health condition of the client is too severe to be safely accommodated, Teresa McGovern staff will assist the client or their family in referring to another treatment provider.

Does the Teresa McGovern Center Provide Interventions?
What is an Intervention?

Individuals engaged in active addiction are often in denial about their substance abuse both to themselves and those around them, including family members. This denial of the addiction is an essential part of what enables the alcoholic or drug user to continue his or her behavior in the face of evidence that to the outsider, appear overwhelming. Individuals actively abusing alcohol or drugs are unable to see the severity of the problem and in turn, families, and friends of loved ones in crisis, tend to lose perspective of the individuals "normal" behavior. This loss of perspective can lead families and friends to adjust their own behaviors…. gradually falling into a pattern of enabling. A professionally conducted intervention is the most effective way to begin the healing process and treatment process Working in close cooperation with the affected families and loved ones, certified Teresa McGovern Center interventionists, will arrange for an intervention. Confronting the addicted individual using testimonials, from family and friends is the first step in breaking the cycle of denial. The interventionist will lead the family and affected family members through the intervention process and plays an integral roll in showing the loved one the impact of their addiction on the family as well as themselves. Please contact the Teresa McGovern Center Admissions Director to discuss Intervention Services (608) 222-7311 ext 104

Who will know I’m in Treatment?

The Teresa McGovern Center subscribes to and adheres to all provisions of the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). Compliance with all requirements of HIPPA is assured a multiple levels throughout Teresa McGovern Center and assures each client at the Teresa McGovern Center their privacy will be protected. Requests for release any information regarding patients receiving treatment at the Teresa McGovern Center are only provided after the client has signed a release of medical information form. The Teresa McGovern Center Admissions Director can provide more detailed information regarding all provisions and requirements of HIPPA. For additional information regarding HIPPA and patient confidentiality, please contact the Admissions Director at (608) 222-7311 ext 104 How does the process of admission start? You may contact the Teresa McGovern Center at anytime during regular business hours by calling (608) 222-7311 ext 104 to begin the admissions process. You may also request information regarding admissions through the “contact us” link on this website and /or begin the admissions procedure through the “on line application” link.

More Questions?

Please contact the Teresa McGovern Center Admissions Team @ (608) 222-7311 ext 104 or via fax (608) 222-5904

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